Tuesday, April 05, 2005

winding down for a bit

The past month I have written so much and worked so hard outside of my UD job that I am going to take a breather. Only from writing, not from prayer. The world needs all of the latter that it can get.

Monday is Sister Kathryn James' talk on discernment at UD. I just finished sending out the last of the press releases, got it into my parish's Sunday bulletin, sent emails to every I know, etc.

I think I need a vacation. Marguerite and I are going to visit the other D'Orazio sister, Sue Marie who is in Austin, in three weeks. That will be cool.

Life is tough, and then you get more life and it gets tougher! That's the hidden secret behind accepting the love of God and Christ's own life in the sacraments. But tough is not all that tough with the joy that accompanies it.

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