Wednesday, April 13, 2005

University faculty slug it out (philosophically): Does God Exist?

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Does God Exist?

NEWARK, DE – April 13, 2005 – The most important question in the world is:
Does God Exist?

Richard Hanley (Metaphysics, Philosophy of Language) and Kate Rogers (Philosophy of Religion, Medieval Philosophy) both of the UD Philosophy Department will argue the question on May 4, 2005 from 7-9pm in 101 Brown Lab. This will not be a mild-mannered “exchange of opinions” or a “discussion” but rather a philosophical debate, with Hanley arguing that the evidence is against the existence of God, and Rogers arguing that the evidence favors the existence of God. After the debaters state their positions and respond to one another, the floor will be thrown open to questions and comments from the audience, followed by refreshments. Come prepared for an always friendly, intellectually high-powered fight over the most important issue there is.

Sponsored by Catholic Scholars at the University of Delaware, the UD Department of Philosophy, the Secular Students Alliance, Students Advocating Values and Equality (SAVE), and the Student Pro-life Vanguard.

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