Thursday, April 21, 2005

Talking to myself, talking out loud... what is truth?

Okay, so I am going to try to figure out this "truth" thing. I said in my last entry that I wish I could talk about truth like Kate or Chesterton.

Rae1: So then, Rae, why can't you talk about truth?

Rae2: Because I'm too self-conscious. If I try to express how I understand the claim that the Catholic Church has the "fullness of truth", I hear all those scolding voices yelling at me.

R1: Well it's no wonder, Rae. I mean come on now, the Catholic Church has the fullness of truth? Megalomania, much?

R2: See, that's what I mean! You're scolding me already. I'm just stating the claim. If I didn't think it was true, I wouldn't be Catholic.

R1: Well, you do sound delusional. I mean... how can anyone claim to possess the fullness of truth? As Pontius Pilate said to Jesus Christ when they were chatting at his trial, What is truth?

R2: But you notice Christ didn't answer his question. Pilate's question was rhetorical. He was basically giving the party line of the pragmatic at that point -- stop talking about this truth stuff, kid, don't you know you're just minutes away from a sentence of death? Talk about delusional... wake up, Mr. Christ, get with the program and say something that makes sense, because all your talk is about to land you in deep, deep doo-doo.

R1: So what is truth?

R2: Ah, here's where I need Kate or Chesterton. I can't talk about truth in the abstract, I can only think about it in connection with Christ. He didn't answer Pilate, but earlier on he had answered one of his disciples who queried him similarly.

R1: So what'd he say?

R2: "I am the Truth," he said. "I am the way, the truth and the life."

R1: How can a person be these philosophical abstractions?

R2: That's the conundrum of Christ. But my head is starting to hurt. See, I can't think about truth too long. Especially when the world I live in is convinced that the claim of truth can only and inevitably lead to wars & inquisitions & terrorism & forced conversions and the like. Pope John Paul II recognized that a primary obstacle to us 20th & 21st century folks understanding the jewel that is the Catholic Church with its teachings, sacraments & continued guidance of the Holy Spirit and presence of Christ is the blind and violent alleyways taken in the past. That's why he offered all those apologies, and sought forgiveness on behalf of the Church. He knew that the dark side is always most tempting to those in whom the Force is strong. And the Force is strong in the Catholic Church.

R1: So Yoda is a hero too?

R2: No, Yoda is just Frank Oz, whom I like more as Grover anyway. Grover is so cute and furry. When I start talking in Lucasisms, it's probably time to go back to bed.

R1: Well, keep thinking about this truth stuff. I'll be here.

R2: You always have been, Rae. Catch ya later.

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