Sunday, April 03, 2005

information & a prayer request


1. First, the information:

Sr. Kathryn James & Sr. Madonna Therese of the Daughters of St.
Paul, aka "the media nuns", have spent the last few months preparing the
website which is a summary of Pope John Paul II's
life and legacy and which also explains the process of a papal conclave.

This is an excellent, thorough, and orthodox resource to send anyone
who asks about the Holy Father or the papacy. They meant it particularly to
handle questions from the press that ask, "What next?"

I recommend it if you have questions of your own, or if you need to
explain this moment in Catholicism to curious non-Catholics or to the press.

2. Secondly, the request:

Tomorrow morning I am going on to CN8's Your Morning show, along
with Sister Kathryn James and Sister Madonna Therese, on a two hour segment
devoted completely to the Pope and the Papacy. Your Morning airs at 9-11am
EST on CN8 up and down the mid-Atlantic states. Our segment will likely come
up at 9:30am EST.

Please pray that all three of us are able to use whatever time we
have to speak clearly and attractively of the Church, the Holy Father, and
the papacy itself. The producer told me that in their morning planning
session, their staff came up with all sorts of questions about the "secrecy"
of the Vatican, the nature of the papacy, why Catholics are the only major
religion that has this elected office whose authority extends over churches
and peoples worldwide.

Please pray that the Holy Spirit guide us in a teaching moment about
a misunderstood aspect of the Faith, and that throughout the world during
these next days, He guide Catholics everywhere to give true and attractive
witness to Christ and His Church. So that those who have ears to hear, may
hear, and God be glorified in this wounded world that so much needs to know
how near and how loving He is.

Under the Mercy,


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