Thursday, April 14, 2005

Homestyle Catholicism

I talked last night to Gary Soulsman, who is religion editor for the News Journal and a cool guy when it comes to covering Catholicism or any religion. He's got no axes to grind. We talked a bit about "cafeteria Catholicism", and he suggested I was a traditionalist Catholic because I adhere to all the teachings officially promulgated by the Church. I thought, Nah. I don't yearn for a return to the Tridentine Mass, and I positively love the teachings of Vatican II. Not a traditionalist.

So am I orthodox? Yes, and I used to call myself an "orthodox Catholic", but that sounds too... well, eastern. Faithful? Loyal? Obedient? Yes, but those sounds like the characteristics of a good family dog.

Suddenly it hit me.

Homestyle Catholics! That's what folks like me are. Homestyle.
We're not cafeteria, we don't go by with trays and pick and choose what we
want. We are home-style Catholics. We trust that the folks in charge of the kitchen have prepared nothing but good, nourishing food for us. We sit down to the table, we pass around the serving plates and we take liberally from everything they've put on the table, family-style. Because we are a family. Not a family where the father is always bellowing, the mother screaming or nagging, and the siblings always yammering at you and throwing the food around. But a loving, lively, connected family with plenty of spunk and independence, all eating the same healthy food from the same well-laid table.

I'm a homestyle Catholic.



Margarett Cahill Zavodny said...

What a neat way of expressing this!

Anonymous said...

What's wrong in becoming BabyJesus's pet? I'll be happy being obedient at least!! It would be easier to recognize Him on my brothers by His scent instead of trusting my poor human eyesight. =D. Maria