Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Benedict XVI's 1st message translated from Latin by babelfish

I love the Internet. Here's how altavista's babelfish program translated Benedict's first homily as pope from Latin to English. It starts out like this:
Venera You Siblings Cardinals,
most expensive Siblings and Sisters in Christ,
you all, men and women of good will!

1. Grace and peace in abundance to all you (cfr 1 Pt 1,2)! In my mind two contrasting feelings cohabit in these hours. From a part, a sense of inadequacy and human turbamento for the responsibility that yesterday me has been entrusted, which Successor of the apostle Peter in this Center of Rome, in the comparisons of the universal Church. From the other part, I feel lives in me a deep gratefulness to God, than - as it makes us to sing the liturgy - he does not abandon its flock, but he leads it through the times, under the guide of those who It same has elect vicari of its Son and has constituted shepherds (cfr Prefazio of Apostles I).

Read the rest here.

Thanks to John DiMarco for the link!

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