Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Alberione Tuesday

Barbara Nicolosi
occasionally has her Emily Mondays, where she blogs poems by Emily Dickinson. I'm going to have Alberione days, where I blog thoughts of Fr. Giacomo Alberione, founder of the Pauline Family, beatified two years ago by Pope John Paul II.

On Prayer
Prayer is like blood coursing from the heart to every point in the body, nourishing and bringing life to the entire organism... We must pray, pray, pray... Whoever prays every day gains the grace to pray better. Whoever prays shows that he recognizes his need for God and trusts that he will be heard... Before rising from our prayer, we will have already obtained divine blessing. In other words, just as we constantly take food and constantly breathe, all of us, every day of our lives, must really pray.

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