Friday, March 25, 2005

Why not allow hydration at least by mouth?

My mother, who declined a feeding tube when offered one after her weight dropped so badly between September and December 2001, died peacefully at home, her children in attendance, in March of 2002. Her lips were not cracked, her eyes were not sunken. Every day, she took nutrition and hydration by mouth as her body's systems shut themselves down.

The day she died, she took ice cream. The night she died, she asked for juice three times, and not in a desperate way. Our basic, loving care of her did not prevent her death but did make it a continued exchange between loved ones, to the end.

Why is it necessary to withhold even hydration from Terri Schiavo? Why can her parents not even give her juice or water by eyedropper? Why are they forced to watch her deteriorate without being able to give her relief in her dying?

If PVS patients "feel nothing" as they undergo starvation and dehydration, why are they sedated? Either they feel nothing or they need sedation because they feel the effects of starvation and dehydration. Pick one.

Will Terri be offered sedation?

Even Christ was offered relief on the cross.

"I thirst."

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Bloggerben said...

God bless you in your loss, it is good that your Mothers passing was peaceful and her family ministered to her. Sadly, Terri's executioners have prohibited the family from providing any comfort to her at all.

Indeed you make mention that Jesus did thirst, yet he refused liquids not letting anything diminish the passion of his suffering. Mark 15:23