Wednesday, March 23, 2005

See Kim Hassinger's story tonight on CN8 news

Tonight during the 7-8pm news show and again for the 10-11 night news, CN8 will show a segment about the Hassinger family, whose daughter Kim received intensive therapy after her parents ignored her diagnosis of PVS and her doctors' advice to turn off life support and put her in a nursing home to die. Instead they placed her in a rehabilitative hospital where intensive therapies produced results that showed that their assertion, "My daughter is still in there" was right. Kim learned to swallow, and cooperated in years of physical, neurological, and other therapies.

You will hear Kim this evening if you watch. CN8 is a Comcast channel that serves 6 million people in the Mid-Atlantic area, from Maine to Maryland. It shows on Channel 8 in my comcast area, check your own schedules for where it shows in yours.

If you cannot pick this up in your area, you can get a live feed at

There is a chance that CNN will pick this story up - folks at CN8 are trying to make that happen. If you like what you see, express your appreciation to CN8 for producing this segment that is gives dramatic expression to the pro-Terri side of the debate.
Go to and send them some feedback.

Perhaps this can help save Terri's life. The more people who hear and see stories of PVS, the more chance to change the woefully wrong conception so many people have about Terri's case.

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