Monday, March 07, 2005


An odd "breaking story" from Drudge Report; I never thought to see poetry as a hot news story.

But Camille Paglia as patron of the greatest of the language arts?
She can sell anything. Let this signal the revival of the poem!

Maybe next, theology?

I never can finish a non-fiction book.
(For Queen Theology)

I don't read good fiction;
Why linger over language
when romance and plot propel me to conclusion?
Quick reads are my forte
in the Novel.

Ah, but the slow, rich colors
of non-fiction!
(and there is only one category
of the form)
Every thread stitched carefully to
blend brocade, linen and trim
to royal glide of cloth.
Theology is the dress of queens
and the empress's new clothes;
I finger each square inch of cloth
but will never close the final hook

I never can finish a non-fiction book.


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