Sunday, March 27, 2005

hilarious ... and heart-breaking

Okay, I found this on Catholic Light (not Catholic Lite!) and have to post it in full. The Catholic Light crew found it on The Curt Jester by blogger Jeff Miller. I know a couple of the Catholic Light boys (hi Richard! hi Pete!) but I don't know Jeff. I like his profile, though, where he describes himself as "A former atheist who after spending forty years in the wilderness finds himself with both astonishment and joy a member of the Catholic Church."

On this Easter morning, God bless you, Jeff, and you folks at Catholic Light who pointed me to it. Humor is good, and heart-breaking humor is even better:

Out-of-towner arrested

Samaritan lead away to await trail at a future date. (AFP/Ben Barabbas)

JERUSALEM (Roto Reuters) On the road between Jerusalem and Jericho a man reportedly from Samaria was arrested and lead away in handcuffs by local police. He was arrested for interfering in the case of a man reported as "half dead" and tried to deliver him oil and wine despite the wishes of the man's spouse. A priest had walked by the scene earlier and left the man alone because of instructions given by the local Bishop to leave "half-dead" people alone and not to interfere in these "difficult cases that are a family matter". The spouse of the half-dead man (name withheld by request) said that in a conversation years ago her husband had said that if he ever was stripped and beaten by robbers that he preferred to be left alone and specifically not to have life support such as oil or wine delivered to him. The Samaritan is also being brought up on charges of fraud for delivering the man to a local hotel to be taken care of and promising to come back later to pay them back. This was despite the hotels posted and clear policy of all payment up front.

The half-dead man was returned to the spot on the road to continue his natural dying process. Judge Sneer, a local judge, has requested that police post guards by the man to prevent others from interfering in this man's rights to die.

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