Friday, March 18, 2005

"fry those phones" -- Terri Schiavo's brother

Click here for the most up to date news on the attempt to save Terri Schiavo's life.

And a BIG SHOUT-OUT to my sister S. Marie D'Orazio who emailed me from Texas where she and others in the Texas constitutionalist movement are following Terri's case closely and trying to procure her constitutional rights. Hi Marie! I'm not too up on this angle but I assume this blog covers some of the territory Marie is traveling.

I cannot tell you how encouraged I am by Marie's note. It's not just "right to lifers", it's not just Catholics, it's not just the "religious right" (whoever they are!), it's not just hicks and hillbillies and southern Baptist crackers who think the Terri Schiavo situation is critical. It's young, urban Austinites of impeccable "street cred" -- at least one of them. Shout out to you, sister Sue Marie!

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Catherine said...

You still have blogger comments too!!
Now you have the best of both worlds:)