Saturday, March 26, 2005

affidavit signed by attorney sent to judge greer: Terri tried to speak

Is there a possiblity that Judge Greer will change his mind?

I know that when I heard the audio tape between Terri and her father that afternoon, I was convinced beyond anything else that she knew what was going on and was trying to communicate.

Terri Schiavo Expresses Her Wishes; Sister and Attorney Testified in Court

The short version, posted over at Hennessy's View:

Terri Schiavo Asked to Live
Posted by Bill Hennessy in Terri Schiavo, News (Friday March 25, 2005 at 9:10 pm)

FoxNews just played audio of the David Gibbs’s phone call to Judge Greer in which Gibbs read the affidavit of the woman who soliticited a plea for life from Terri Schiavo on the day her feeding tube was removed.

The affidavit is stunning. There were numerous witnesses who heard Terri say “Aaah” and then yell “Waahn.” Among the witnesses was a female police officer.

Why in the name of God are just hearing about this now?

Judge Greer actually sounded impressed by what he heard. Gibbs asked that Terri be given an IV through the weekend, allowing the family to present the full testimony of the 5 witnesses on Monday. Judge Greer said he would rule as quickly as possible, but it might be Noon tomorrow (Saturday, March 26) before he could issue an order.

If he’s going to approve the IV, he needs to do so now. Noon tomorrow could be too late.

If it be God’s will, let it be so.

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