Thursday, February 17, 2005

Perfesser Creekwater at Sacred Grounds Coffee House

Perfesser Creekwater, aka my brother Mark D'Orazio, aka A HOME*LESS BY CHOICE WORD*SMITH, has been doing his poetry at the Sacred Grounds Coffee House in San Francisco.
Meet the perfesser and read two of his poems. He did the bagel poem at the coffee house here in Newark, DE one time when we both read our work. Each person got two poems to do. I did my two, it was great fun. The perfesser did the bagel poem, saying he was going to keep doing it until this particular place opened up the dumpster again so folks could get the excess bagels.

Then it was time for his second poem.

He did the bagel poem again...

Mark's book A GUITAR IN SAGGITARIUS is a wonderful chronicle of the life of a wandering, homeless poet in the late twentieth-early twenty-first century America, full of both artistry and sharp political commentary. I wish I could find a big house publisher for it.

I love my brother Mark. I'd like to tell you how he gave away his modest five-figure share of our mother's estate to a well-deserving recipient... but that would probably make him blush.



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