Thursday, January 06, 2005

Science Fiction & Comic Books - renewing the culture from within

In the planning stages, but very quickly to be a done deal I hope: Mark Rogers and I will travel to ConSecration March 11-13, the first convention of the long-running Christian SF-Fandom list, where Mark will lead a panel discussion on "Sex, Violence and the Christian Writer." The title is mine, it's an area I've been exploring in various discussions for years. Mark is a perfect person to speak on this topic, as his Blood in the Lamb trilogy is not only an excellent re-telling of Christ's story but in Mark's imagined sword-n-sorcery universe, it's got his trademark sex and violence. Why is he so graphic, I asked him long ago? Hopefully the panel discussion will shed light on the issue. Hope to have other authors at ConSecration join us.

Barbara Nicolosi published this in her blog today, an announcement of an upcoming comic book line with G-rated to R-rated titles. One of the titles appropriate for all ages is The Imaginaries, and one of the writer is Ben Avery, an Act One graduate. Here's the description of Imaginaries:

(written by Mike S. Miller and Ben Avery, art by Mike S. Miller and Greg Titus)

A child's faith is a powerful thing. It gives life to his imagination, and that imagination can even take on a life of its own. But what happens to the imaginary friends, the childhood superheroes, the playmates and stuffed animals when the children who gave them life no longer believe in them? They go to the IMAGINED NATION. Join SUPERHERO G as he explores this strange new world, full of the imaginings of billions of children around the world. Follow him as he meets strange and wonderful characters, the kind only a child could believe in, and discovers a new purpose for his existence unbound by the imaginings of his creator, and free to become more than even he has ever imagined before."


Gordon said...

Did you see an article by Stephen Greydanus in a recent "This Rock" on how Catholics can/should approach sex and violence in the media?

Rae said...

That was indeed an excellent article by Steve, Gordon. Thanks for pointing it out to me. You can find it at . I'll make a link to it when I log on as owner of this blog.