Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Of crockpots, Internet, and electrical circuits...

5:30 today, had to be at Outreach by 6:00. Nobody was home. Couldn't stand the thought of coming home to no dinner, or coming home to the sounds of my adult children asking "any dinner tonite?"

I had lots of ingredients but my imagination could not think of anything new to make with what I had, and I was tired of the old stuff.

So I went on to Google, keyed in three words - chicken, potatoes and crockpot. Bingo bango! The first of the 169,000 hits proved to be a simple recipe for which I had all ingredients. 15 minutes prep time, turned the crockpot on to high, ahhhhh, smoootthhh.

I don't love rooms with not enough electrical circuits. Being especially ambitious, I loaded up the dishwasher so everything would be clean by the time my delicious dinner came out -- didn't want to face any mess in the kitchen when I came home either.

So while I am at Outreach, the fuse blows, the crockpot turns off, so does the dishwasher, and I come home to hard potatoes.

Still, the internet DID have the quick solution!

I often think that with the internet we share a little more in the life of the Blessed Trinity. Lightning quick access to information, communication with people all over the world that is almost instantaneous, is this a tiny, miniscule, itty-bitty in some small way fraction of what it is like to access all of reality and every soul in one swell foop?

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