Saturday, January 01, 2005

busting my butt in March & April

I am going to attend Lunaconwith Mark E. Rogers this year, and maybe
on my own. Lunacon takes place March 18-20, ConSecration is the preceding weekend, March 11-13. April 1-3 I plan to be in Austin with sister Marguerite visiting other sister Sue Marie. That's a LOT of traveling for me. Sr. Kathryn advises me to respond to invitations of the Lord as I discern them, and getting more involved with the business part of the media industry (writing, films, music)so far seems like an invitation. Also it feels like more to take on in a life where I do believe that I have, as Debfriend noted, made a practice of taking on too much. High blood pressure, overweight, arthritis, herniated disk, fallen out of both exercise and chiropractic work in December -- am I taking a path that is opening up or am I falling into a crevice? Truthfully, it feels right to proceed, but with caution.

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