Thursday, January 27, 2005

40,000 books for Pious Ladies Bookmobile to browse!

My used book business, Pious Ladies Bookmobile, is doing a brisk business this January. We are taking down our storefront on eBay due to the sharp increase in fees that eBay recently announced. So Debbie and I are slowly moving all of our stock to Abebooks. You can't browse our Abebooks store easily because I haven't categorized our 1000+ books for easy browsing. But we get our customers from searches anyway -- I myself never do browsing in bookstores, I only search.

My son Mike is rearranging the books at home so that everything is alphabetized by title regardless of type of book -- my original way of cataloguing, alphabetical by subject, may be good for a library but it was terrible for a book business. Now when an order comes in I can look in one place for it instead of about 12...

Even so, we probably have 300 books that we have yet to catalog and list. The hunt is more fun than the selling. But are we out of our minds, planning on going to the Hockessin Library book sale on Saturday? This year they have the contents of several estates to sell and they are holding the sale at the Hockessin Fire Hall instead of at the library as usual.

They are promising 40,000 books in stock! For a three day sale! On Saturday the books will be $5.00 a bag. We are sure to go crazy and bring back far more than we should. But what's a bibliophile to do?


Anonymous said...

If you are willing to travel to the Washington suburbs there is a similar annual book sale I hit every year:


Rae said...

Wow, 14 miles of books. Thanks, Claudius!

The great thing about traveling to D.C. is that I can see friends along the way, and take the whole road trip off my taxes as a business expense.