Sunday, December 19, 2004

Why I love The Founder

Digging through "Thoughts", a compilation of Fr. Alberione's short sayings on a variety of topics, I find enough inspiration to write a dozen articles. I remember why I love this Apostle of the Media:

"Electric current has high and low tension. Religious life is spiritual current at high tension, the poetry of a personality in Christ, the generator and promoter of heroism."

"If our apostolate truly follows God the Writer and Publisher, it will bear fruit and endure."

"It is an error to restrain the young from manifesting their thoughts, however strange these may be in adolescence and crisis. Instead, encourage them to talk and give them explanations. Offer them support, make it easy for them to open up and to make themselves known... Then counsel and correct their ideas, supply books suited to their situation, offer reasons, and use the greatest possible wisdom and goodness."

"If we don't weep for time lost, for what shall we weep?"

"Watch your minutes... There was a cleric who subtracted ten minutes a day from useless conversation, indifferent reading and easy distraction, and put them toward the reading of books on ascetics, sociology, history, literature, etc... Small change makes for capital, and it is the attentive person who gains treasures for heaven."

And this one that is so salutary to me!:

"This must be insisted on: don't have hallucinations about gradiose things. Are you really sure that you can accomplish them? And then? And then you will incur grandiose debts."

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