Tuesday, December 07, 2004

not dead yet (the blog I mean)

Do you know that most people give up blogging after a few weeks or a couple of months? Yes indeed they do, and why? You tell me. I can make my own guesses. You run out of steam or bog down or your life gets too busy for consistent blogging.

All of the above, in my case, and then one more. After the Boston Cooperator's retreat, I started over doing the Donec Formetur retreat long-distance with Sr. Kathryn James as director. I can happily say that in the three weeks of my second, start-back-at-the-beginning effort at making this Ignatian/Alberionian discernment retreat, consistency in prayer has not gone by the wayside as so often when I make "new efforts".

On the other hand, if I didn't know what I wanted this blog to be before, how much more do I not know what I want it to be. Journal, "morning pages", relevant links, commentary, punditism, witticism, language etc. etc. etc. Write, write, write. That's what writers do.

So again I sit down to the keyboard to blog.

...... how long now before my next entry?

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