Sunday, December 19, 2004

Ambassadors of Christ

I am researching an article for the Cooperators magazine on blogging. Searching for a quote from Fr. Alberione about the good press and the bad press, I came across a homily given by Cardinal Egan of New York to commemorate the beatification of Blessed James Alberione, given at St. Patrick's Cathedral on November 30, 2003. Cardinal Egan reminded the members of the Pauline family gathered there to celebrate the beatification of The Founder, The Theologian -- Don Giacomo Alberione as Cardinal Egan knew him -- of the core of his mission, that we all become, in this modern age of communication, "ambassadors of Christ" as St. Paul was so long ago. Cardinal Egan wrote:

"If you and I were to leave this packed cathedral this morning and go out in the world and live as women and men who are committed to justice in season and out of season, who never damage the rights of another, who never take away the good name of another, who are fiercely just, who would be men and women of unconditioned compassion, then every human being who crosses our path would be seen as an image of God for whom God has died. Anyone who is hurting could trust that we would hurt as well and come to his or her assistance.

If we went out of this cathedral this morning, not only just and compassionate, but also as women and men of honor to speak the truth in and out of season and never counted the cost, as women and men whose hearts are clean no matter how unclean the world may seem to be, then you and I would be ambassadors of Jesus Christ. Indeed it would be God speaking in us. Everyone — not just the priests, brothers, sisters or lay associates of the Pauline Family — but each and every one of us has been called to be a Don Alberione."

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