Wednesday, November 17, 2004

smiling again

My friend Gordon Zaft sent me a link to a Catholic Exchange article and lo! -- it was one by Barbara Nicolosi who stands on a pedestal in my eyes although the last time I put someone on a pedestal I think it was Woody Allen. Read Barbara's
Five Easy Things the Church Can Do to Fix the Culture Fast
. Gordon, did you know I was talking about Barbara just this weekend at a Daughter of St. Paul's conference/retreat? She gets it. She gets it the way Andrew Greeley used to get it about film, before he got crochety and snarky to his critics. (Andrew Greeley's condemnation of The Passion of the Christ flew in the face of countless articles he has published over the years saying where are the Catholic filmmakers and the Catholics who will support good art in film. They played the pipe and he didn't dance.)

If I could figure out how I would put a permanent link in this blog to Barbara Nicolosi's Church of the Masses blog. But for now I'll put a link here.

Serendipitous email from Gordon is one reason I am smiling again. Another is that Sr. Kathryn James wrote me back about how crushed I was to come off the wonderful Pauline retreat to find a friend beating me up again about my vote this election. One bit of advice I really liked was this, in response to my trying to figure out the war and election and politics and what my role is in it all:

" In spiritual direction courses you have to learn to stop
the analysis because it leads to paralysis. We need to take up a stance of
observation, contemplation of the situation, if its inner truth is going to
unfold and reveal itself. I believe this is a bit of advice that's helpful
for any Christian in any situation. A contemplative stance. Ask: What is God
doing in this situation?"

Tonight I made a Visit to the Blessed Sacrament, which is something that the religious of the Pauline Family do every day. I am going to try to do it more often. I am part of the Pauline Family, and want to join my sisters and brothers in their prayer each day to Jesus Master. Not to mention it is always so wonderful to pay Jesus a visit.


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Rae, you can edit your template to put in links etc.

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