Saturday, October 09, 2004

Saturday afternoon, after a dry spell

Gabriel married David Norton on Thursday, in a ceremony presided over by a Baptist minister with no family present, only the two witnesses. Although I welcomed the lack of stress that such an elopement brought, I cried a bit on Wednesday afternoon, thinking that I would not be there. Family... children... living lives of interdependence. Bill and I like David very much, as his parents like Gabe. His mother has been praying for him to marry a good woman, just as Bill and I have been praying for Gabe to marry a good man. A match made in heaven. I don't quite know when to send a present, though -- now or when they have a reception in Selma in December?

Politics has been brutal for me lately. At least three friends have preached the gospel of John Kerry to me recently, and when I did not hear the word and respond to it became as frustrated as any religious zealot trying unsuccessfully to save souls from hell. I am disappointed that my views are not respected. How can I vote for a man who is a contemporary Hitler, they ask. Those caught by the near-apocalyptic anti-Bush hysteria cling to the notion that we are at this moment like the Germans before Hitler took over, despite the obvious difference that Bush never wrote a Mein Kampf which anyone, on reading, could see was the work of a sick mind.

The media has not caught on yet that the abortion issue is THE defining issue of the times. Nor have my friends, who scold me for my intransigience in allowing an "evil fascist" like Bush to fool me with his fake Christianity. I do find it amusing, in a cynical way, to see folks who hate and fear "the religious right" (whoever they are) proselytizing as righteously as any Bible-thumper on the importance of electing Kerry to the presidency. Civilization will fall if Bush is re-elected! With what outrage folks view the deaths in Iraq, yet cannot understand the outrage with which those of us who oppose Roe v. Wade have lived for 25+ years. They really do not see the bodies. Am I to believe that Kerry is a savior, when Bush tries to ban partial-birth abortion and Kerry defends it? It is never medically necessary, a C-section could always been done except that a C-section will not guarantee delivery of a dead child. Those late-term abortions done in the case of multiple fetal abnormalities (like my son Eric had) are clear cases of infanticide, whether the baby's head has emerged from the womb or not. The failure of pro-choice folks to condemn this atrocity against human dignity renders all their rhetoric about choice not credible.

I will rejoin my book group, that I quit in a pique over politics. I have been reminding myself of the prayer of St. Francis a lot -- O Master, grant that I may never seek to be understood as to understand. I told my sister Marguerite the whole story of my confrontation with anti-Bush hysteria and, THANK GOD, she understood. Marguerite is to be loved and cherished - she is liberal through and through but not on abortion. People like her and Nat Hentoff are rare.

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