Sunday, September 26, 2004

Princess Gabriel the Great is getting married

Gabriel my third-born called this evening to say that she and David had decided when and how to get married. In two weeks, on the weekend of Oct. 7-8, they are driving to North Carolina to get married. They will have a civil ceremony, no family. They told David's mother today and she was disappointed. I of course am disappointed, but not so much. I'm happy for them that they don't have to go through the agony of planning a wedding, big or small. In comparison with my disappointment that they are not getting married in the Church, this is nothing. And on the first count, I believe Gabe will be back. She never does things half way. When she was all for being Catholic, she did it completely, threw herself into it. Now she has doubts, and she is throwing herself into David. I get it, I really do. Experience, choice, and will are the woof and warp of life. Gabe is an honest young woman, and she and her fiance are committed to Christ. They just don't have unity of feeling on the institutional church. Oremus. To all things there is a time and a place for everything under the heavens. A time for doubt... however much we wish it could be different.

Meanwhile, I have my round trip ticket to Birmingham for next Friday. I'll meet David and his family a week before the kids tie the knot. Bill has met him already, and gives him two thumbs up.

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Anonymous said...

How sad that Gabriel and David want to get married without their family present. That was a primary consideration when my David and I married. It was not such a big deal for my parents since they had 7 kids and I was the last to marry, but I still would never do it without my parents and at least my favorite siblings present. And David was the first in his family to get married, so it was a big deal, especially as one brother had already died.

We were lucky in that family and friends pitched in to help so we had a nice wedding on the cheap. (I made my dress, my sister made the cake, friends did the food, etc.) Ten years later, my mother-in-law still talks about how much she enjoyed it. (And it's still been the only family wedding on their side. Another brother got married without having any family present and the last is still unmarried.)

-- Berni