Sunday, September 12, 2004

Garden State: Zach Braff writes, acts, directs away from Scrubs

Garden State is the kind of movie I usually watch on video. When I go out to the movies I want to see a larger-than-life adventure, science fiction, thriller, film noir, yada yada. Colorful, exciting, intelligent, something that immerses me in another world. These days I find myself falling out of the demographic for that type of movie - Pirates of the Carribean had what it takes, but most movies sacrifice special effects, things blowing up and car chases for colorful characters and daring adventure.

Garden State is like none of the movies I usually see on the big screen, and yet it is the best movie I have seen this year. I'm too tired to try and figure out why, myself, so
read what Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat say about it
in their "Spirituality and Health" column.

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Gordon said...

Hi Rae! Just found your blog...

I really liked Garden State too!