Sunday, July 11, 2004

Yes, Catholics CAN support stem cell research

At the Cooperator's Meeting last Tuesday, I went on at length about how Catholics needed to be better informed about stem cell research. Just the phrase -- "stem cell research" is useless for debate unless it is qualified. Adult stem cell research is ethical and offensive to no religious or political group that I know of. Embryological stem cell research violates the ethical principles of the Catholic Church and other religious and political groups who value human life from its beginning.

Many Catholics hear the phrase "stem cell research" and believe it is forbidden. In reality, stem cell therapies using adult stem cells are already improving life for sufferers of Parkinson's and other diseases.

Catholic Scholars at the University of Delaware is the website where I publish my own evolving understanding of the complex controversy over stem cell research, cloning and the like. Right now the site's in a bit of a mess, geared towards our effort last Spring to defeat SB55 in the Delaware legislature. Kate Rogers and I both had Op-ed pieces appear in the News-Journal, and the UD student pro-life group, Student Vanguard for Life, sent a letter to all legislators. You can read all of that here.

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