Friday, July 09, 2004

Too sick to blog; what would Father Alberione do?

I promised Sister Kathryn James an example blog so she could see my ideas on recording the day to day life of a Pauline cooperator, but at that meeting my promise was made with a voice that was just going hoarse. Now I cannot talk at all except in a squeak or a bellow, my head feels like a balloon ready to burst with assorted head cold matter splattering everywhere should the unthinkable happen. But it won't.

What is it about being sick that draws out the time and leaches all the color from one's surroundings? Fr. Alberione would probably have something to say about fortitude and about a happy attitude. Weakness of the flesh in the form of sickness discourages the heart and dulls the mind. Did Jesus ever have a head cold? Jesus Master, Way, Truth and Life, have mercy on us all. St. Paul, pray for us. Mary, Queen of the Apostles, pray for us. Blessed Alberione, pray for us.

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